Leatherhead, Surrey

This was an amazing project to work on. The clients are busy professionals in high pressure roles and they needed us to completely renovate the property.

The brief was clear they wanted to live in style, comfort and elegance.

We collaborated with the architect, looking at the best ways to maximise space, introduce more natural light and optimise functionality.

Once the plans were approved GreenBuild managed the entire project, this was a large renovation including some complex structural reconfiguration work.

The build resulted in a complete transformation which absolutely blew our clients away. We exceeded their expectations, giving them the luxury high spec home they long desired.

We love projects like this one and it really demonstrated how a thorough understanding of precisely what the homeowners are looking to achieve is absolutely key in enabling us to exceed expectations.

At GreenBuild we keep a keen eye on new developments in design and technology, ensuring we can offer you unique solutions, custom appliances and cutting edge products that will give your home an impressively luxurious high-end finish.

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